This would be the last day of the trip. We left our motel at  about 6:45 and it was raining, we had only 190kms to ride so we would get to the Channel tunnel in time to get a good deal on the crossing well that’s what the internet said. We had just one fuel stop and a coffee we arrived at the tunnel terminal the lady at the Kosice was more than happy to check us in but
it would cost us 103 Euros, well we are here now and the ferry would cost about the same. We should have booked it last night on the net. We ride on to thefront of the train and park up and there is 2 cars and 1 more bike in the carriage with us so we are chatting about our adventures and bikes etc. I have never been on the tunnel crossing before so it was a first for me and in about 30-40 mins we are arriving in the uk. I like it don’t think I’ll bother with the
ferry again. The weather in the UK is about the same as France, very wet. On leaving the train I say good bye to Mitch as I have to go to customs to do some paper work. When I get to the customs area which is a couple of miles away there is no one there, so I have to ride the short hope to Dover The custom guy is very helpful and stamps in the carnet. He cannot do the paperwork for importing the bike as this is done through another department but he does give
me the address and tell number. I give it a call but its bank holiday so I’ll have to sort it out later. The ride home to Colchester on the M25 was very wet and around Dover ferry terminal there was diesel everywhere on the roads I had forgot about the good old British roads. It will be strange not having to get up in the morning to ride my bike. The mileage for the trip was just over what I had planned the total distance was 6033 miles to British soil. It has been an
amazing journey the people that I have met have made the trip .Many people have said what is the most memorable place and for me all the countries that I have travelled through have been amazing it has really been about the PEOPLE that I have met, people that will help you no matter how little they have.  Anybody that has helped me along the way I would like to thank you, for all the people that have followed this blog and left some very kind comments,
thank you.  The web site will stay live and in time I will upload all the photos I have taken on the trip so please feel free to check back in a week or so. Now my time will be spent getting the
Motorcycle training school up and running. If you want to learn to ride a motorcycle then please get in touch and you too could be off on an adventure. 

On the Train ''I like it''
We had a good night’s sleep with no beer it was about time. On the road for about 8:30 and heading to the Nurburg ring  on the way we had a couple of stops as the weather had got a bit colder  just before we were about to pull off the highway and head towards the ring Mitch decided he wants a coffee stop and shot past me normally this would be ok but we were just about to turn off I tried to flash my lights sound the horn but all to late he’s gone I stop in top
of a bridge text him the co-ords  but no need he is on his way back we meet back up and pull into a guest house for coffee and a quick warm up. The Nurburg Ring is a petrol heads heaven
we got there at about 11 ish and it’s just starting to get a bit busy. We pull into a view point and watch a few cars come past and there is a citron van driving round which makes us laugh. The track is closed to bikes as there is oil on the track. But it looks like the cars are having good fun as I pull into the bike park a guy from Holland starts chatting to us he asks about where I have
come from as he sees the Dubai reg plate so I start telling him about the trip and what Mitch has done he is totally amazed. We get a coffee at the devils dinner and again we are chatting to a guy that has come over from the UK to ride the ring. He is totally amazed that Mitch has hardly ridden a bike before joining me in the Ukraine. Mitch’s ridding has really come on so much he is much more confident on the bike able to ride for longer periods I am really chuffed
he is enjoying it and really happy with his ridding. As time is ticking by we decide to leave the Ring as it’s been temporally closed.  On leaving I have programmed the GPS with the wrong route it will take us to Calais but not the route I want so we stop at a petrol station look at a map and I get out the Laptop to re-programme the GPS. We are off again, we decide to ride for
as long as we are comfortable it gets to about 7:30 and it starts to rain so we find a motorway services and check into the motel. We are in for the night dinner is normal motorway service food but there is a discount from the motel. Photos to follow need a better internet connection. we are 195Kms from the ferry port.

Our Motel for the night
Mitch at the divels dinner at the Ring
Me chillen at the ring
Yesterday late afternoon early evening we had a walk around Prague, I have never been to Prague before and I think it’s a great place and would like to explore it more. We had a great meal in a local bar/restaurant a big ham on the bone and of course chips washed down with a couple of beers. We leave the bar and have a walk about and find an Irish bar there seems to be one everywhere. A few more beers I’m on the black stuff and the singer starts to play we are in Czech listing to a Czech guy singing English songs in an Irish bar that he doesn’t know the words to but it’s a good evening and we have a laugh.  We had a ride around the City this morning and we are now deciding if we are going to call ourselves the cobble stone kids or the tram line team as we are now experts at riding in the wet on very uneven cobble stone roads with tram lines everywhere. We make our way out of Prague city and on to the highway and before long it’s time to stop for some rehydration we pull into the only petrol station without a shop but there is a KFC close by so we go in for a coffee and a muffin. And to put on some more layers. Today will be all motorway/highway riding, the weather turns and it starts to rain (deep joy) we cross the Czech Germany border at just after mid-day and for the first time on this trip my fuel light comes on so I tap into the GPS for the nearest fuel station and just as it calculates the route I have missed the turn so I tap in for the next one and its about 6 kms. It’s just the right time as again it’s raining and it’s time to warm up and have some lunch.The bikes are refuelled and we find a small bar/restaurant called Timeless we have a coffee to warm us and order lunch. A well needed stop for us as last night was a bit heavy. When we ask for the bill the waitress come’s over and asks us were we are from and Mitch explains what we are doing and where I have ridden from as I am telling her the countries I have ridden through it turns out she was born in Kazakhstan. What are the chances of that finding someone from Kazakhstan in Germany running a bar? We give her the web address and we are back on the road. After some more motorway miles we stop for fuel and a brew when we are leaving a guy comes up to us gives us his card and tell us if want to rest for the night he has a new hotel/guest house Pension Waldblick ( 6kms away with a garage
and heating to dry our bike gear but no internet it’s a tempting offer but it’s too early to stop. We thank him and we are on our way. There are a couple more stops and we decide to mush on for another 50 miles and find somewhere for the night, we are now in a motel at a service station and it’s a nice place and well-priced at 49 euros for the room. The receptionist is good fun we have a laugh and joke with her and then grab a quick beer before going our room.

Bikes outside the Hotel
The pub singer
A short break at the motorway
Last night we found a local bar and had some good food and a couple of beers then back to the hotel at about 10 30 ish. This morning the first job I had to do was change the number plate on the bike and for those that have been following this blog will have seen the bike has a Dubai number plate. I had to change it for my old British number for me to travel through the Stans and eastern Europe as that is what I had to have to get the Carnet from the Uk, as there is no way that I could get a carnet from Dubai to export it by riding to the UK. Down stairs in the Garage was just the place to work on the bike and as Mitch as said cleaner than the hotel in Bojnice. We left the hotel in Brno and this morning and the temperature had dropped slightly from the lovely weather in Slovakia to about 5 degrees. We made our way out of the city with no GPS errors and out on to the highway. About an hour into the ride feeling the chill we pulled into a petrol station, sure enough there were the golden arches so we grabbed a coffee. Back onto the highway for a while and it’s good to open up the bikes, turning off the high way onto an A type road to make our way to the Church of Bones at Kutna Hora. When we reached there it is quite a little tourist attraction. A few coaches parked up and gift shops selling lots of gifts in the shape of bones. Quite wired. When I walked into the church it felt very strange to be walking around that many dead people and there are a lot of bones in the church of bone, all sort of designs hanging from the roof looking a lot like Christmas decorations. In the middle was a chandelier and even a coat of arms all done in bones. It was defiantly worth the visit. It was then only a short ride of 70kms to Prague. On reaching Prague it had been raining for a while and the ride in was ok a few cobble stone roads and some tram line to navigate around in the wet is always good fun. I stayed on the GPS route and near enough at the end of it was a hotel. In we go sort out the deal and Mitch is very good at doing this and its not a bad little place but you can tell we are in Europe.

The new workshop
The Church of Bones
I feel as if I haven’t done enough work on the blog and I now feel like a naughty school boy that has not done his homework. The Pension That we stayed in last night was something I found on the net when I was in Lviv waiting for Mitch I thought I would be very professional and research some places to stay in Slovakia I so the site of the Pension Laura came up and it
looked very nice and it was only 12 Euro each for what look like an apartment room so me being me thought that will do and I can take Mitch straight to it. When we got there the guy that opened the door looked Like Steptoe and not a word of English so he gets his granddaughter to help so we agree on the price and have a look at the room well it will do but he really does need to do some cleaning. We left this morning and thought we would get a coffee in the town and it is a really lovely place so we grab a coffee and some ham and eggs. And go for a walk to the castle the tours start at about 11 and we decide not to do the tourist thing  but we take some photos and my camera battery is flat so Mitch is the camera man for the day. The ride to the caves at Pusty Zleb was really enjoyable with lots of small towns to ride through lots of bends and now starting to see other bikers on the road. At one stage riding behind a police convoy with a motorcycle cop riding at the rear (I will give him my training debrief points later but his riding was quite good) and a small off road section that I was not expecting. When we reach the caves it’s an amazing site and if it was the height of the tourist
season it would be a busy place. When I ask at the guest house if there is a room for the night the guy says it is being refurbished now who in their right mind would refurbish the whole guest house/hotel at one time or maybe he really didn’t want 2 bikers staying there, to be honest I am a bit disappointed we cannot stay. We grab a quick beer and decided to push on until we see somewhere to stay. We reach Brno and riding through the outer city there is a bit of traffic and as I zoom in on the GPS it louse’s the route. By the time I get it back on I have missed the turn and Mitch and I get separated as I am waiting for Mitch I get a text from him with his co-ords and I make my way to him. We check out a hotel that has a sign post to it but when we get to it it’s really out of the budget price range, the receptionist tell us of another hotel just around the corner we check it out sort out a deal with the receptionist and we are in
for the night. It’s a nice place and we get breakfast but you can now see the prices starting to rise as we get closer to home. The 3 s’s are done (military guys you will know) and we are off to get dinner. No photos at the moment just working out a way to down load from Mitch's camera.

We woke early at the truck stop Inn. And went down for some breakfast but it was all shut so we decided to get on the road to the first small town and stop for coffee and to try and change some cash. The next stop was Rozvana 150kms. We stopped a couple of times on the way and when reaching Rozvana which was really just another small Slovakian town, so we pushed on to Bojnice another 200kms. On route we stopped a few time for fuel and what has become the garage stop we now have some great photos of the bike at different garages. A few GPblunders on the way and some very impatient car drivers get very close on some very dangerous over taking moves and we arrive at Bojnice. Bojnice has a lovely castle and we are staying in a small pension just at the bottom of it. It’s been a good day riding with Mitch who is slowly getting into the hole biking thing, todays weather has been perfect for riding we thought we might get rain this morning but it has held off and this afternoon has been sunny and 23 degrees. Better photos of the castle to folllow.

Coffee brake on the way to Bojnice
A quick photo of the castle
This morning we left Lviv at about 11 and headed out of the city, the day started off wet and Lviv has a lot of cobble stone roads with tram lines everywhere that made for an interesting ride. The weather brightened up an hour or so into the ride to the Slovakian border. The route was off the main roads and through small villages up into the hills it was at about 900m in height and sure enough there was one part of the route that was covered in snow always good
fun to ride. The road was littered with pot holes. On the way down again riding through small villages I noticed that Mitch was not behind me so I turned around to ride back to him at the side of the road he had stopped as he had lost the bolts holding the front left brake calliper so we were there thinking of the best way to fix it and along come’s a guy on a scooter I showed him a bolt from the other calliper and he takes it and off he ride’s. He returns with a friend
in a car with a handful of bolts and sure enough they fit so the brake calliper was refitted and we are off again. We have a short stop at a petrol station and head off to the border. The weather now is great like a summers evening in the UK. On reaching the border we go through the first check point get a piece of paper and on to the customs check get asked if we have any guns or drugs and things slow down a little as the guy does not speak English He does speak German and so does Mitch so we get the documents checked and get the passports stamped
and we are clear of the Ukraine and off to Slovakia. At the Slovakia side thing are very efficient again papers checked and stamped.  A few custom guys asking were we have been and looking at the stickers on the panniers. As it was getting late after crossing the border we have stopped
at the first truck stop.  

Mitch explaining the route
Mitch fixing his bike
Me fixing Mitch's bike
This morning it was only a short ride into Lviv where I was meeting Mitch.The ride in was ok until I was stopped by the police for speeding I have been very careful while being in the Ukraine and watching my speed but this morning a lack of concentration and as I rode around a bend listing to my music sure enough there in the road was a very friendly policeman with his speed gun. After chatting to him he relieves $60 for the privilege of doing me of 105kms in a 50.  I arrived at mid-morning and checked into the George hotel. For anyone that knows this is the hotel that Ewan and Charlie stayed in on the Long Way Round where they parked their bikes in the Lobby. I was nowhere near famous enough to park my bike in the Lobby but it’s a cheap enough place. Mitch arrived just after mid-day. It was really good to meet up lots of chat abou bikes and our journeys. The bikes are parked outside but there is a security guy in the hotel that will watch of our trusted steads. We check out a couple of local bars with lots more chat about bikes and our travels.  Lviv is a cool place lots of local bar with lots of night life, When visiting these towns it's better to get away from the main street and check out some of the smaller bars/café where the locals hang out and that’s just what we did. Lviv is a cool place.

In the lobby of the George Hotel
I left Kiev this morning and the roads were empty as it was Sunday same anywhere in Europe I would think. The journey west towards Lviv wasmostly on good new roads highways/motorways 2 lanes. It was only poor roads riding through the towns. I have had every sort of weather today, this morning it was cold but sunny then mid-morning it turned to rain for a while then back to sun shine then mid-afternoon it started to rain quite heavy and then it got colder and colder until it was at 0 and it started to snow then for the next couple of hours it was riding in and out of snow showers. It was time to warm up so I pulled into a road side café and there were 2 old lady’s with no teeth so I said coffee a bit of nodding and pointing and the coffee was coming. In the corner was a log fire what a treat just what was needed to warm me up. Had a chat to Mitch and he was 100 mile or so from the Polish/Ukraine border, both of us have had a cold day. The coffee turned up, oh my god it was awful not very hot and thick ground coffee floating in it a few sips and I thought time for asharp exit. Back on the bike for a while and I need another brew stop. The next road side café has a hotel just next to it and that will do for me as I am cold enough for the day. Just sat in a hot shower of 30mins to warm me up. Fully refreshed admin done, now time to eat and a beer. A nice cold beer that should do the trick after a cold day on the bike!!!

Coming out of Kiev
Coming into Lviv
Hotel for the night
The Bike getting cold