Breakfast this morning was a boiled egg bread jam and tea lovely just the thing for a 600kms ride, no really it was. Eventually managed to find the right road out of Bandar Abbas, getting used to the GPS running the world map or as I now call it the crap map. The ride form Bandar Abbas to Darab was not that exciting but better than riding in Dubai. I was stopped a couple of
times at Police check points they ask to see passport, bike reg and the carnet well the bike reg is in English and the carnet is in French and English wish I could of taken a pic of the guys face I don’t think he what he was looking at. By the time I reached Darab it was about lunch time so as I sat waiting at traffic lights a guy pulled up next to me on his 125 these things are
everywhere as they are not allowed bikes bigger than 200cc and spoke English so I asked him where is a good place to eat he says follow me so we are off. He then asks cheap or expensive I’ll leave it to you what my reply was. We end up at a Hotel at the top of the town quite a nice place (I did chose the cheap option) as I pull up outside a couple of staff members come out to great me and tell me to park the at the side of the Hotel. Cool, in I go for lunch beef stroganoff (spelling) bread water, very nice and about $2 (US) now refreshed time to get back on the bike well after the staff had finished taking photos of me next to the Union Flag (jack) eventually get the right road (thanks crap map).
The ride from Darab is all not that exciting but in the distance great scenery some great tunnels a couple of high passes and a bit of off road not bad at all. On the way to Shiraz there is a large lake so I was thinking about camping but had a long day and it was getting late so I ride on in to Shiraz traffic chaos just keep going straight and hay presto a hotel is on the
right (Eram Hotel), that will do for $25. Not many photos today as the stills camera has gone tits up, I have just brought a new one in Shiraz. Now that was good fun. This place really comes alive at night street traders everywhere. I have only been in this city for a couple of hours and every shop I go in knows I am riding a BMW. (Big brother is at play).

Naz Hotel in Bandar Abbas $40 anight
entrance to the tunell on the road to Shiraz
Tunnel to tunnel
Tunell exit
3/20/2012 02:21:51

Hi Peter,
I think it's not a good idea to name our good friend Mohsen in Bandar Abbas a "fixer" and mention I had offered you to "use" him. Mohsen is a good friend of us and he agreed for friendship to us to help you too because you didn't get contact to your probably real fixer. To use the word fixer for that friendship is realy very naughty.


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