The camping was good, woke up at about 5ish to a windy cold morning 2 degrees as per the Beemer. Had some breakfast bread and cheese and a brew. Packed the bike and headed towards Mashhad after riding for a while I thought it was time to stop and put on some warm kit. The ride out of Tabas was not that great but once out of the city wow it had everything this morning mountain passes with lots of bends a cold morning but the sun was up I was really enjoying the ride. Fuel was starting to get a bit low just I was entering Ferdows (spelling) so short stop for fuel. At the next round about it was like a tea party every one parking carts at the side of the roundabout and having tea on it, I did stop for a cup of tea or 3 but I was not on the roundabout. Anyway time to press on as I wanted to get to Mashhad at a reasonable time as it was about 580kms. It warmed up to about 13 degrees and the riding was still good. Today’s police stop total 6 times one for 45 mins no idea what was taking so long but they were friendly and a cup of tea. At the first police stop I think it was also a shift change the Capt was doing some checks as he was checking he was asking one of the officers to check his pistol
he was trying to pull it out of his holster it took 2 of them and when it was out I have never seen so much rust on a pistol. As I was getting closer to Mashhad it was getting colder and colder I just knew what was coming I stopped for fuel about 160kms out of Mashhad and the wind was hallowing and getting colder. Another 10 kms and yes the bikers night mere its starts to snow I pull over to put on more warm kit and get going the temperature was now -2 degrees although it was snowing it was not laying on the ground so the riding was ok but as it
was cold the snow was freezing on my visor. At some stages riding of the mountain passes I was down to about 40 MPH just couldn’t see a thing. It was like this for the next 70 ish kms then as I entered Mashhad city limits it was snowing really heavy all traffic slowed to about 20 MPH, thank god for that at least now I was not the slowest thing on the road. The roads in the city were wet but ok to ride just couldn’t see a thing. Eventually find the place where I planned to stay. This again is a cool place there a few travellers here cyclists this time Spanish. It’s classed as a Home Stay bit like a B&B well sort of, in fact in the owner’s basement there are carpets on the floor, some beds, one double room and a bathroom that’s what a home stay is just a spear room. But it’s warm and dry what else does a traveller need (Well a beer would go down a treat). The guy that owns it is Vali a great guy very helpful and speaks English. The weather is likely to be like this for the next 2 days so I have a short delay. This will give me a
chance to sort some visa problems out. Vali offers a service to help travellers, great count me in. So in the morning we are off to the Embassy to get the Turkmenistan visa sorted. Now due to the delays I had in Dubai (thank you the UAE Army) I was 2 weeks late on my planned leaving date so the Kazakhstan Visa will of run out by the time I get there so hopefully we can sort that tomorrow as well.

The road to Mashhad
Mountain pass on the road to mashhad
The star of it getting very cold -1
Now its getting cold
The Bike in the room
The Home Stay Vali's place.
3/18/2012 22:54:45

3/18/2012 23:01:22

Hi Pete sounds great what an experience you will certainly remember this trip. I knew you would enjoy it your not missing anything here. Ride safely. Keep the pecker up all the best gaz

shane leahy
3/18/2012 23:11:11

Hey Peter
good read mate
you getting the run around with the police checks, we only had one last year when we did that trip,just north of Tabas...
You got the gps co-ordinates for the chopper,,we saw the signs last year but it was colder than a nuns nasty and didnt see it

Dave Camp
3/19/2012 03:30:53

Hi, Pete, I am pretty sure that helicopter was left behind on the failed mission, Eagles Claw the USA rescue attempt in 1980. It is the same type and paint scheme as the ones used on the mission. Speak soon Dave.


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