Today was really a day of rest as I was snowed in in Mashhad. It has given me the chance to sort out the Turkmenistan visa which I now have thanks to the help of Vali a great source of information in Mashhad. So the Visa starts on the 21st for 5days which if I was travelling the route that I had planned would be ok. I now have to cross at another border location not a major problem apart from the fact that I have to ride 350 kms to Ashgabat instead of 40ish. So it will be an early start to get there as soon as possible so I can sort the Kazakhstan visa out at the embassy in Turkmenistan as I have spoken to them today on the phone so fingers crossed. The rest of the day was spent just chilling out walking
around Mashhad and chatting to the travellers in the Home Stay. Tonight we all
had a lovely meal with Vali and his family.  

3/19/2012 18:08:57

did you have any lambs ears there at Vali's place for brekky???
they served that up to a swedish guy when we were there,bloody hell
Ill eat almost anything BUT!

3/20/2012 03:24:15

Go Pete..Go Pete. Well done Soldier. Keep it up.
Spil cheka in da pust.. collect at the border.

3/21/2012 01:59:39

two days with no blog :((, i got used to read this every day, although i am sure you are camped in the middle of no where, Be safe my friend


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