The Visa worry is over I am now in Kazakhstan. I made an early start today as I needed to push on through Uzbekistan to make the last day of the visa for Kazakhstan. I did meet today on the road a Russian guy coming the other way on yes you guessed it an R1200gs not much English but I got the idea he is riding to Uzbekistan. So we snapped a few pics and headed off.  I reached the border at about 3.30 and it’s a real dirty, muddy place. With people everywhere trying to sell whatever they can. I walked up to the gate and the Solider tells me to get in the queue and it’s a long one, I make out I don’t understand and he gets someone that speaks English he check my passport I say I English British and it works a treat helped all the way through. I very quickly check out of Uzbekistan. Now the same again into Kazakhstan, again there are people everywhere. I play the same game and it works up until they check the dates on the visa he say problem them calls some else who speaks English I am escorted up to the Boss he looks at the visa gives it back to the helper and I am escorted back downstairs he say on the way you must hurry and get to Russia. A couple more forms to fill for the bike and I am done. No idea what will happen when I check out of Kaz but what the hell I be leaving any way. When I left the border after a brew stop, it was raining heavy and the road is a dirt track so it was tuff going for about 3 ish hours. The day light is now starting to fade Beynue is still 35 Kms to go and at about 25-30 MPH at best there is no way ill reach it in what’s left of the day light. I spot a Train station as the road is running alongside the rail track. I ask if I can put my tent up outside they say no come in and sleep here. Result its warm dry and got a stove. Very friendly guys, very helpful. That even tried to put the bike in one of the rooms but the bars are too wide. Right its bed time at the station.

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