The Kazakhstan hotel was just what I need last night. Speaking to the security guard this morning he tells me the temperature dropped to -7 so I am glad I parked the bike inside. Although it was interesting get the bike down the marble rams. I left Atyrau this morning and the temperature was 0. The ride to the Russian border was enjoyable the road was a bit rough and pot holed but hey whatever it kept me awake. I reached a small town about 40 kms before the border and stopped for fuel. I then noticed that the front tyre was a bit soft, I was trying to put air in it with my electric pump but it was taking far too long I also notice that my left foot peg is broken. (Touratech we need to sort this) so I ride to the next fuel station in the town and ask a guy were to pump the tyres he signals me to follow him. He is driving a Russian fergan a bit like the old British Leyland comer van (for those that can remember).  We pull up at the tyre shop and after I fix his airline that had more leaks in it than the welsh ruby side. Topped up his compressor with some oil rewired the plug for it then I pumped up my tyres it was over an hour later. He was very grateful; the only thing missing was a brew. Ok on to the border I stopped again to get the missing brew in the next fuel station and just as I was pulling 3 Land Rover Discovery’s pull in they are driving for Solihull to Beijing we all have a chat I ask them there route one guy tells me that this first part is much the revise of what I have just done so I show them the Photos of the road to Beyneu which I think they will enjoy in the Disco’s. Ok back on the road I reach the border change the last of the Kazakh money, then entre the customs area at the window he say problem. An officer come’s over and say’s follow me, we are now in a room with a table lamp that reminds me of a scene out of taxi driver but he is very helpful he’s tell me it’s a problem to leave the country with an out of date visa I will have to go back to Atyrau and get the customs to give me a letter or they will get an
interrupter and that will take 5 days and I will have to spend it in a cell.MMMM me thinks (with the thought of the orange boiler suite) this is not going well so with the best blagging skills I have I say I have no money and there is a part broken on the bike that I need to get fixed in Russia. If I go back that will take 2 days and my Russian visa will start to run out. Now he is trying to help me so he makes a couple of calls and we go upstairs I sit and wait for a
while. We then go into see the boss he looks about 12 but I explain all again he looks through the passport and I think he gets what I am doing he say ok you may go but this is a big problem you must enter and exit on the visa dates. I say I am very sorry. The passport is stamped and I am off to Russia. A short 10Kms ride to the customs post over the bridge. Lots of smile’s for the Russian guys with a fag hanging out the corner of their mouth. He says stop and points me to the passport control the Woman behind the window askes for my passport and bike Doc’s and gives me a from to fill in. Well its far too windy for me to do so I look as if I don’t know what I am doing she says something in Russian and she fills it in for me. Cool that worked nicely. Couple of stamps and I’m done. Russia was the easiest border to cross they have got it just right all done from one office on the computer. I’m off riding in RUSSIA.  A dream for a long time manly due to the fact that when I was in the Army involved in the so called Cold War Russia was somewhere that we would probably never go but here I am riding my bike I Russia. I get to a cross roads that I have planned to turn left at and there is a policeman that tells me no I must go right something to with a bridge an extra 40kms and day light is starting to fade. I hustle on and get to Astrakhan and ride around trying to find my planned hotel and it’s now dark some of the back streets that I need up riding are real shanty town stuff, dogs, mud and rubbish.  I can’t find the Hotel B & B so I end up in the hotel Zamok and its ok bike parked outside the front door lots of cameras and a security guard. A beer (or 3) chicken and chips Russian style and I’m done for the night.

The land Rover Guys
Bike maintance
Hotel Zamok
3/26/2012 19:20:36

I thought Dave was a good blagger but you have definitely got the skills with those Customs people!! Weather cold enough for one of those furry Russian hats yet? Take care x

3/26/2012 21:31:18

So u r enjoying russian horpitality and tarmac! You can't help yourself fixing things can u, that air line has been crap for 10 years, now they are going to overinflate their tyres, and who's fauld is it? PR!
Got to get a fur hat! Yes yes yes,foto of v swilling vodka and running naked with a fur hat on! Ha
Ukrraine here I come! See ya soon. Go safe.

10/12/2013 22:47:00

The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.


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