Breakfast this morning was a chicken wrap some doughnut type things with sour cream and black tea and very nice it was to. I waited until 9 to get some more cash exchanged had a good chat to what looked like a tramp I have no idea what he was saying but it kept me entertained for 15 mins  I was telling him all about my trip point to the map etc., and laughing can’t imagine what he must have been thinking. The ride to Volgograd was very uneventful and very cold the temperature was between 1 & 2 degrees but the wind again was blowing from my left it’s been with me from northern Turkmenistan. I hope that tomorrow it will change as I start heading west. I reached Volgograd the start of the city is very dirty main roads with bomb craters tram tracks up the centre and transit van taxi everywhere makes an interesting ride I like getting to places and riding in to the centre to see what it all about. I rode around for a while checking out the Hotels but wow are they expensive. I get directed to a hotel that I think is called something sounding like Octoberfest well that sounds like beer to me so that will do and its cheap ish (1800 Rub $60 £37). This place is the original old Russian hotel but very friendly well I think they are if I could speak Russian but lots of laughing when I am asking questions and to top it off in the lobby is a Russian speaking parrot. How cool is that. It always makes an interesting wait when I order something to eat from a menu that is all in Russian and the waitress does not speak English. A cheese and chicken sandwich arrived, after 5 hours on the road in the cold that will go down a treat with 2 beers. Now ordering beer no matter where you are in the world is always understood. And for that we have to be thankful. I think that Volgograd in the summer would be a great place to visit lots of little café bars by the Volga River. But at the moment most of it is frozen. To all you guys that have left messages on the blog/contact page very many thanks I really do appreciate it, I can’t reply to them all as it takes long enough just to do the blog and upload the pics on some of the supper fast internet
connections I have been using again thank you for your comments. I think its walk about time.

I like these sign posts
The river Volga
The Russian speaking parrot
Octoberfest Hotel
3/27/2012 08:15:02

a fee more kilimeters and u in europe!!! no.more boarder stories :( good luck

3/27/2012 10:07:14

Have you found any fridge magnets yet?

3/27/2012 17:26:57

Good one Peter
Peeva is beer in ruski
cold there ,,,they are predicting high 30's today here in dubai
you are nearly home,,turn around and ride back???
cant wait for july so my trip begins
0530 and have to go to the shit place called work

3/28/2012 07:19:42

Hi mate yes summer has arrived with vengeance 39 today in al Ain.
I thought you said you were dislexic. No evidence in your blogs! !!!
Mate grest to hear all about your trip it's sounds as if you're had an interesting last couple of days on border check points but as you say play the dumb blonde it work's every time have a safe trip maybe you could enjoy the scenery a little more all the best Gazza


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