This morning it was only a short ride into Lviv where I was meeting Mitch.The ride in was ok until I was stopped by the police for speeding I have been very careful while being in the Ukraine and watching my speed but this morning a lack of concentration and as I rode around a bend listing to my music sure enough there in the road was a very friendly policeman with his speed gun. After chatting to him he relieves $60 for the privilege of doing me of 105kms in a 50.  I arrived at mid-morning and checked into the George hotel. For anyone that knows this is the hotel that Ewan and Charlie stayed in on the Long Way Round where they parked their bikes in the Lobby. I was nowhere near famous enough to park my bike in the Lobby but it’s a cheap enough place. Mitch arrived just after mid-day. It was really good to meet up lots of chat abou bikes and our journeys. The bikes are parked outside but there is a security guy in the hotel that will watch of our trusted steads. We check out a couple of local bars with lots more chat about bikes and our travels.  Lviv is a cool place lots of local bar with lots of night life, When visiting these towns it's better to get away from the main street and check out some of the smaller bars/café where the locals hang out and that’s just what we did. Lviv is a cool place.

In the lobby of the George Hotel
4/3/2012 00:43:55

We must have had too much to talk about last night, or perhaps we investigated on bar too many, cause we are feeling it today!
I left my hat in a bar so pete kindly left me in the back streets of Lviv to find it alone, after i had turned him a complete 180 degrees towards the hotel! He was rather disorintated! Retracing our steps i found the bars to be closed! When i got back to the hotel, pete had lockedme out and was zonko!

4/3/2012 03:48:09

well done boys

maureen tett
4/3/2012 04:54:03

Boys will be boys. Sounds like cold fun especially to one head. Just do not lose the bikes as it will be a long walk. :-)

4/3/2012 10:42:03

Pete, fantastic blog mate, keep it going, very amusing and interesting. Father in law hooked as well! Stay safe.

4/3/2012 12:31:21

Oh, who's the not so careful careful one then.
Mum said did you get her text?
It sounds like it's all going great, but stay safe son


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