I had a really great night’s sleep at the truck stop breakfast was a very strong coffee and some sort of sweet bread thing but very nice. On the road again 300kms to Kiev it was very foggy to start for the first few Kms but then all clear. The ride was very enjoyable riding through some small villages it was like stepping back in time. The guys at the fuel stations are very friendly you tell them what you want in the tank then go and pay (UK take note). Most of the journey was uneventful a couple of close calls with a few cars that seem to like overtaking and getting quite close. But otherwise a cool ride into Kiev. About 50kms out of Kiev while riding through a town I notice a money exchange so I get some cash. A couple of people walking by are most
interested in the bike and what I am doing, I think most people thing I am nuts but hay I’m enjoying myself. I have been tasked by my wife to get some fridge magnets so while riding through this town I stop at every small gift shop explaining a fridge magnets to someone who does not speak English well you can imagine,  one shop owner even gets her daughter to speak to me only one problem I don’t speak German. I reach Kiev and on the way in I see in the distance the golden arches and I cannot resist. I park up in I go I’ll have a big mac meal with coffee. I am thinking she will not understand but she says no problem sir. So I am tucking into my big mac and a guy asks me am I from the Uk and is that my bike. He can’t believe that I have ridden from Dubai we have a chat he tells me a few places to visit in Kiev. I have been to Kiev before but wish I had more time. The traffic is very busy but I am making my way to the BMW dealer to see if they can service the bike. Again I hit a pot hole and the front gets heavy I pull into a tyre shop get the guy to put some air in and BMW is just across the road. The guys at BMW Kiev are very helpful the receptionist tells me yes we can service your bike start today and you can collect it on Monday I then explain what I am doing she makes a phone call and sure enough It will be done this afternoon. There are a couple of guys looking at the bikes we get chatting and it turns out one guy has ridden from the Ukraine through Russia then back into Europe. The bike department then get interested in what I am doing and Eugene the bike manager shows me lots of photos on his PC I give him my web address lots of bike chat 2 hours later the Bike is done but a couple of things that need to be done cant because of parts
but should be all ok until the UK. Checked into the Hotel Slavutich this is a budget Hotel but just the job I booked it on the net yesterday. I do like turning up to Hotel when you have booked. Sat in the lobby updating the Blog with a beer and I have spotted a gift shop that I think sells fridge magnets. Cool.
Photos to follow charging the camera.

Any one for a beer!!
Some famous dude sorry cannt remember his name
Great guys at BMW Kiev
Dave camp
3/30/2012 21:35:13

Hi Pete, Be careful what sort of fridge magnet you get in Russia, I think they only deal in limpit mines. Mate as for not speaking German you dressed in a BMW riding suit, on a BMW bike !! The last people to do this in 1940 spoke German. Oh by the way have you tried the chicken in Kiev apparently they cook it rather nicely, probably nicer than a McDonalds!!

6/29/2012 10:06:53

Thanks a lot for sharing this.


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