Today has been a rest day mainly due to, on Monday I plan to meet up with my mate Mitch who for the people that are following this blog is the guy that was going to come on the trip with me but with one thing and another we are now meeting in Lviv he set off from the Uk on the 27thof Mar and has been riding across Europe through France, Germany and Poland. I went into the centre of Kiev to have a look around it’s been a very wet and rainy day but Kiev is a nice place. I stopped off for lunch in a café and yes you guessed it I had Chicken Kiev in KIEV it had to be done and washed down with a couple of large beers. The rest of the day has been just Chilin out with myself. Updating some mapping on the GPS and not a lot else really. Of course had a few beers this afternoon.

Some sort of demo rally going on to many people about
Chicken Kiev in KIEV
Steve P
4/1/2012 00:44:47

Great choice of scoff Pete - got two wheels now when you looking at rtu in UK?

4/1/2012 07:50:21

Hi Pete, Went to AD today to watch the ADDC prologue.Some great looking bikes & some new kit, lots more orange!
Same old faces & some new ones that look like they may not get through day 1!

4/1/2012 06:32:28

Mate?? You are testing the meaning of the word now!
Hit hitlers motorway yesterday it was a ball, the only time i got overtook was by a landrover doing about 90! The bms and mercs could only do about 50 the road was so bad. The adventure felt like it began and i found my feet. For those that dont know the furthest i had riden before leaving uk wed was 20 miles!
As i got to the E40 it was beautiful, then came the rain, then the snow along with a warning light flashing! After a roadside repair with heavy snow comming down i plodder on. ' it will be easy' you said! Then today i doubled up on layers and still got cold, ive pack shorts and sunglasses if that gives you an indication what i thougjht i was signing up for!
No now i am getting frozen and scaring myself sensless, just to deliver some engish teabags ! Oh well another hotel and 1 sleep till i get to you, had to stop because the snow was so dense. rock n roll tomorrow always wanted to go to the ukraine! See you soon. PS i found out the bike has more than 4 gears today!!!!!! :-)

10/2/2013 07:23:51

It is not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.


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