I feel as if I haven’t done enough work on the blog and I now feel like a naughty school boy that has not done his homework. The Pension That we stayed in last night was something I found on the net when I was in Lviv waiting for Mitch I thought I would be very professional and research some places to stay in Slovakia I so the site of the Pension Laura came up and it
looked very nice and it was only 12 Euro each for what look like an apartment room so me being me thought that will do and I can take Mitch straight to it. When we got there the guy that opened the door looked Like Steptoe and not a word of English so he gets his granddaughter to help so we agree on the price and have a look at the room well it will do but he really does need to do some cleaning. We left this morning and thought we would get a coffee in the town and it is a really lovely place so we grab a coffee and some ham and eggs. And go for a walk to the castle the tours start at about 11 and we decide not to do the tourist thing  but we take some photos and my camera battery is flat so Mitch is the camera man for the day. The ride to the caves at Pusty Zleb was really enjoyable with lots of small towns to ride through lots of bends and now starting to see other bikers on the road. At one stage riding behind a police convoy with a motorcycle cop riding at the rear (I will give him my training debrief points later but his riding was quite good) and a small off road section that I was not expecting. When we reach the caves it’s an amazing site and if it was the height of the tourist
season it would be a busy place. When I ask at the guest house if there is a room for the night the guy says it is being refurbished now who in their right mind would refurbish the whole guest house/hotel at one time or maybe he really didn’t want 2 bikers staying there, to be honest I am a bit disappointed we cannot stay. We grab a quick beer and decided to push on until we see somewhere to stay. We reach Brno and riding through the outer city there is a bit of traffic and as I zoom in on the GPS it louse’s the route. By the time I get it back on I have missed the turn and Mitch and I get separated as I am waiting for Mitch I get a text from him with his co-ords and I make my way to him. We check out a hotel that has a sign post to it but when we get to it it’s really out of the budget price range, the receptionist tell us of another hotel just around the corner we check it out sort out a deal with the receptionist and we are in
for the night. It’s a nice place and we get breakfast but you can now see the prices starting to rise as we get closer to home. The 3 s’s are done (military guys you will know) and we are off to get dinner. No photos at the moment just working out a way to down load from Mitch's camera.

4/5/2012 22:09:34

What a day, lots of sunshine lots of sights enroute and a bit of off road too!
Bojnice is lovely, very cafe-bar culture and a fantastic back drop. Our accomadation is ..... Accomadation. Our host the mad proffessor, obviously had a good little number and has let things go, we are thrown some sheets and directed to put them on the beds, "mum!!!! Where are you when i need you?". Cold shower and we are off out for dinner, the largest pizza outside of the us. I ask pete for constructive critism on my riding that day, well an eternity later, i am now tasked with improvement or face more from the sarge! So in my short biking experience i have had rain sleet snow wind and now bends! 250lb bike and 280lb mitch and mr newtons revalation coupled with crazy slovak lorry drivers make for an interesting experience.
Today was my most enjoyable, i found it amusing when we are seperated, pete loves his sat nav, do not share that affection. More u turns,
After a great ride lunch, some interesting coffee stops and awsome sights of the caves we decide to push on. We then come into some heavy traffic, i dont do traffic jams so suggest a lookfor digs, after our reunion, ah i missed him really! Yeh rite, i take the helm on seeking accomadation, people who know me know where we are going, strolling into the most sofisticated hotel with elegant reception immaculately presented, we enqure on price, the lovely lady does he best on reducing the price, however it is more than 5 times last nites rate! Nice hotel thou. Stop 2 is more expensive but this girl asks outrite what we want to pay?? Well petes reply is " nothing" she liked that one and we agree on a middle ground, she throws in breaky and underground parking. Parking up pete insists we get pictures of his baby in the brightly lit, painted floor carpark, which incidently is cleaner than last nights hotel! The beds have sheets on too!
At dinner we agree Slovakia is definately on the revisit list, nice sights nice roads nice friendly people and tasty food.
Prague tomorrow, and the church of bones, one of my must dos. Just hope pete doesnt romantacise with his sat nav too much.


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