Last night we found a local bar and had some good food and a couple of beers then back to the hotel at about 10 30 ish. This morning the first job I had to do was change the number plate on the bike and for those that have been following this blog will have seen the bike has a Dubai number plate. I had to change it for my old British number for me to travel through the Stans and eastern Europe as that is what I had to have to get the Carnet from the Uk, as there is no way that I could get a carnet from Dubai to export it by riding to the UK. Down stairs in the Garage was just the place to work on the bike and as Mitch as said cleaner than the hotel in Bojnice. We left the hotel in Brno and this morning and the temperature had dropped slightly from the lovely weather in Slovakia to about 5 degrees. We made our way out of the city with no GPS errors and out on to the highway. About an hour into the ride feeling the chill we pulled into a petrol station, sure enough there were the golden arches so we grabbed a coffee. Back onto the highway for a while and it’s good to open up the bikes, turning off the high way onto an A type road to make our way to the Church of Bones at Kutna Hora. When we reached there it is quite a little tourist attraction. A few coaches parked up and gift shops selling lots of gifts in the shape of bones. Quite wired. When I walked into the church it felt very strange to be walking around that many dead people and there are a lot of bones in the church of bone, all sort of designs hanging from the roof looking a lot like Christmas decorations. In the middle was a chandelier and even a coat of arms all done in bones. It was defiantly worth the visit. It was then only a short ride of 70kms to Prague. On reaching Prague it had been raining for a while and the ride in was ok a few cobble stone roads and some tram line to navigate around in the wet is always good fun. I stayed on the GPS route and near enough at the end of it was a hotel. In we go sort out the deal and Mitch is very good at doing this and its not a bad little place but you can tell we are in Europe.

The new workshop
The Church of Bones
4/7/2012 02:56:10

really enjoying reading your updates!! Glad you are having a great time - continue to ride safe!!

Steve Linn
4/7/2012 11:56:49

Nice to see Mitch upto his old tricks haggling over prices. Enjoy lads. Great day over here added on time equaliser for Pompet at scumpton

4/8/2012 16:12:02

Leaving Slovakia the weather gets cooler, a lot cooler. As we arrived in Prague we were met  by a very welcoming receptionist, it became apparent the brittish are not exactly held in high regard in this part of the world. Most staff spoke german a few speak english begrudgingly. I therefore used my pigeon deutch again.
Price wise we are cetainly back in europa! We are now paying in excess of 2.5 euro for a beer, 300 miles earlier it was 0.8 euro!
We are in the jewish quarter, which is the knightsbridge of prague, Gucci, Loius Vitton, Prada, so we spend a bit of time looking for gifts for our loved ones, we agreed this was better done by sitting in the warm bar opposite the designer shops. :-) needless to say the shops were closed by the time we left the warm bar.
Crashing for the night we plan an early stsrt.


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