Yesterday late afternoon early evening we had a walk around Prague, I have never been to Prague before and I think it’s a great place and would like to explore it more. We had a great meal in a local bar/restaurant a big ham on the bone and of course chips washed down with a couple of beers. We leave the bar and have a walk about and find an Irish bar there seems to be one everywhere. A few more beers I’m on the black stuff and the singer starts to play we are in Czech listing to a Czech guy singing English songs in an Irish bar that he doesn’t know the words to but it’s a good evening and we have a laugh.  We had a ride around the City this morning and we are now deciding if we are going to call ourselves the cobble stone kids or the tram line team as we are now experts at riding in the wet on very uneven cobble stone roads with tram lines everywhere. We make our way out of Prague city and on to the highway and before long it’s time to stop for some rehydration we pull into the only petrol station without a shop but there is a KFC close by so we go in for a coffee and a muffin. And to put on some more layers. Today will be all motorway/highway riding, the weather turns and it starts to rain (deep joy) we cross the Czech Germany border at just after mid-day and for the first time on this trip my fuel light comes on so I tap into the GPS for the nearest fuel station and just as it calculates the route I have missed the turn so I tap in for the next one and its about 6 kms. It’s just the right time as again it’s raining and it’s time to warm up and have some lunch.The bikes are refuelled and we find a small bar/restaurant called Timeless we have a coffee to warm us and order lunch. A well needed stop for us as last night was a bit heavy. When we ask for the bill the waitress come’s over and asks us were we are from and Mitch explains what we are doing and where I have ridden from as I am telling her the countries I have ridden through it turns out she was born in Kazakhstan. What are the chances of that finding someone from Kazakhstan in Germany running a bar? We give her the web address and we are back on the road. After some more motorway miles we stop for fuel and a brew when we are leaving a guy comes up to us gives us his card and tell us if want to rest for the night he has a new hotel/guest house Pension Waldblick ( 6kms away with a garage
and heating to dry our bike gear but no internet it’s a tempting offer but it’s too early to stop. We thank him and we are on our way. There are a couple more stops and we decide to mush on for another 50 miles and find somewhere for the night, we are now in a motel at a service station and it’s a nice place and well-priced at 49 euros for the room. The receptionist is good fun we have a laugh and joke with her and then grab a quick beer before going our room.

Bikes outside the Hotel
The pub singer
A short break at the motorway
4/8/2012 16:18:55

Well the early start wasnt that early, peter became attached to the guiness pump in the irish bar we found walking back to the hotel. He also became facinated with the cheq guy playing guitar and not knowing the words to the songs.
Leaving prague we decided to see a few sights so i led us around, and around and around. Peter took up the lead and we did some more tram line and cobble stone practice in the rain, we are getting quite good now. 
As we hit the motorway the rain joined us, the tempature dropped dramaticly and a warm/wet weather gear stop was called for. 2 grown men changing in the loo is very unusual, KFC in prague will never be the same again! Getting my confidence now and we pumped out some mileage, peter is now having trouble keeping with my rapid pace :-) ha ha. 
Fuel stop and lunch was sureal, chatting to the waitress, who didnt believe pete had ridden from dubai, it transpired she was from Kashkstan! What are the chances of that? Leaving, we stripped in the carpark, in a quaint rural german town, the farmer in his tractor couldnt belive his eyes! Needs must, warmer and fuelled up we crack on opening the throttle on a few times, pete is now struggling with his trapped nerve, me with my ankle, so frequent quick stops a stretch and on again we push out some miles enduring rain sleet and snow. Our last fuel stop a height inhibited german chap approaches with the offer of his lovely new pension house, heated dry room, garage and lovely balcony, wanting to crack on we take his card and, telling him we have friends to meet. If only!
The truckstop we find is friendly warm and has laundry facilities in the room, radiators that are one. Able to dry our kit we are pleased we can now wear clean clobber! Pete asures me, traffic film, dirty clothes and smelly boots are all part of biking!


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