Not much happing this week still waiting to be paid from the UAE Army.  Today 26th took the bike for its service at BMW Dubai, it took them 9 ½ hours to do it and they still did not replace the alternator drive belt. When I picked up the bike they told me they did not have
the part in stock and it would take them 14 days to get it sent from Germany as they were not allowed to special order it (DHL) but as a customer I could special order it and pay for the DHL cost. You really got to love main dealers. So off to the parts department to order it as I normally do all my own work on the bike the parts department know me so I speak to Brenda the parts girl and she orders it for me tells me not to worry about the DHL cost. Thank you. Today 28th received a phone call from the Turkmenistan Embassy telling me that the visa was ready to collect. So off I ride to Abu Dhabi, into the embassy the guy then tells me that it is better not to issue the visa as it will have entry and exit dates on it that will not be changed so he gave me the letter from the Turkmenistan State Migration Service which I should give to Immigration at the border and they will issue the visa. He assures me that he has done this many times before with people from Uzbekistan, Russia etc. Well we see if that plan works.

3/1/2012 14:21:26

Is everything in place for the big day on Sunday?

Steve P
3/4/2012 00:53:27

Good luck Pete - good to see all the 'Ps" are in place - hopefully meet you somewhere towards the end of your journey if I get my bike sorted - Bon Voyage !


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