This week is being taken up with Embassy visits I now know why people get tour companies to do it for them today 16th Jan I got up early rode 150kms from the hotel in Al Ain to Dubai to the Russian consulate stood in a queue for an hour and we Brits love a good queue shame no one else seems to get the idea. Only to be told by a very cheerful Russian guy (NOT) that I did
not have the right form. Oh well all part of the fun. Next stop was the Uzbekistan Embassy and yes they do have one in Dubai just nowhere near the address on the internet in fact 20kms the other end of Dubai only to find it closed, but at least I know where it is. That will save time later when I come back to the Russian embassy to visit Mr Happy. Tomorrow off to the Kazakhstan and the Turkmenistan embassies. Lucky enough I have been to the Kazakhstan embassy before so fingers crossed.
Today 17th Jan went to Abu Dhabi to the Kazakhstan Embassy to hand ion the visa application I had already been to see them last week so all went ok with the paper work, in fact what a great guy he was to deal with although he really didn’t get why I wanted to travel to Kazakhstan. He told me it was cold and miserable at this time of year. I thought great just the
place to go.
Next stop was the Turkmenistan Embassy again handed in the paper work had to wright a letter in the embassy to explain what I was doing and why etc. Funny I have not hand written a letter for a long time and being dyslexic the brain went into melt down, but all was ok and again the guy was very helpful.  19th Today I went to the Uzbekistan Embassy in Dubai to apply for the Visa very helpful, (Russia take note) filled in the forms etc. will let you know when it is ready.

Jim Smith
1/21/2012 09:02:24

Pete. Brilliant stuff mate. I am so chuffed for you as I know that you have been planning this for a long time and now that it is actually happening Rachel and I are incredibly jealous of the big adventure you are going to have. Wish I was coming with! We will follow closely and look forward to seeing your progress. All the best. Kind Regards. Bon Voyage. Jim, Rachel, Alasdair and Roddy Smith

1/21/2012 23:11:20

Brilliant, can see you've had some time on your hands! Still gutted but economics prevail so right decision, just gutted. Still aiming at a meet up, got most of kit I need now. Keep safe.

gaz clark
1/22/2012 03:58:13

gaz clark
1/22/2012 04:05:09

Mate i admire what you are about. To do live life to the full i say no doubt you will have loads of spills and thrills along the way and the odd soaking but who cares it's what makes us who we are. All the best Gazza

1/22/2012 04:34:58

Good lucj, I did the Iran leg last year, great place. I plan to do another trip from Qatar one day, but on a Ural, well why not!


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