Very little happening this week, Today 7th went to the open evening at 2xwheeler ( an enjoyable evening meeting Herbert the owner and founder of Touratech with his wife Ramona. Photos are on Facebook 2xwheeler adventures.  Also while I was there I meet Wissam Al-Jayyoussi who is doing a charity ride form Dubai to Singapore through 22 countries. ( to raise money for a Children’s oncology
department at Al Hussain Hospital at Beit Jala, Palestine.
Today 10th joined a 2 day ride of the 7 Emirates of the UAE with an overnight camp at Dibba beach. This ride was organised by Motorrad Abu Dhabi (MAD). It was a pleasure to ride with
you guys many thanks I had an enjoyable trip, it was good to just follow without having to think about where I was going or worrying about the route, fuel, food etc. As I will be doing in the weeks to come. 

Peter Lawrenson
2/15/2012 21:05:00

I wish you the best of luck.
I live in Muscat Oman with a R1150GSA (and a wife!) and have often looked at the maps for a ride home to Aberdeen. I know people who have taken cars back to Holland via Syria (LHD so ok for Europe) but no-one on a bike. I did meet a rider on a Honda VFR from Oxford who had come down the Red Sea and through Yemen to Oman, but that is risky.
I do some off-rading here in the winter but all very easy stuff - my daughter calls them "roads to no-where".

Keep up a good blog for us wishful travellers.



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