The ferry docked at 9 30 about an hour or so late now the time is ticking as the customs closes at 3. While the ferry was docking or I think that’s what it was doing back and forth lining up, I gave my fixer a call and his phone was switched off. Great, I tried several times but nothing. The German couple were standing there with me and said I could use there guy with them.
Thank god for that as no one here speaks English.  So the first thing was to get ourselves of the boat and through immigration then of to customs to start clearing the bike well you have to have a delivery note from the shipping company so the fixer takes us in his car into town and we have to wait over an hour for the manifest to be completed (keep smiling) now time is still ticking. After over 2 hours we get it and go back to have it checked stamped and then ten times. From there into the shipping warehouse get another form of to their office in the port by now I had really lost any idea of where we at with the whole thing so we just let the fixer get on with it but we were very much losing time we eventually get to the customs at 2.45 and they were about to close but the guy stayed open to get it all done carnets all stamped and 2 hours later we were done or so I thought we then get the gate pass sorted and go to the main gate and they want to look through the carnet’s and get another couple of forms stamped we finally get going at about 6 in the evening.
I say to the fixer what the AMIN hotel like he say no don’t say there I know
just the place NAZ Hotel and its ok nice rooms with internet and about 40
dollars a night. And the bike is in the staff garage. All good it’s about 9.30
just had chicken bread salad and a coke well Iran coke.

Sailing the Strait of Hormuz
Openoing the ferry door I not really ment to be taking photos now.
The German couple's Van Bernd & Barbel Jacobi A cool Van geat inside
3/14/2012 21:53:42

Hey Peter
Glad to see you are finally on your way!! Loving the blog so far and super excited to read more as your journey continues!!
Ride safe!!

3/15/2012 05:51:38

told you it was a bloody nightmare
keep the smile going


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