Not much happing this week still waiting to be paid from the UAE Army.  Today 26th took the bike for its service at BMW Dubai, it took them 9 ½ hours to do it and they still did not replace the alternator drive belt. When I picked up the bike they told me they did not have
the part in stock and it would take them 14 days to get it sent from Germany as they were not allowed to special order it (DHL) but as a customer I could special order it and pay for the DHL cost. You really got to love main dealers. So off to the parts department to order it as I normally do all my own work on the bike the parts department know me so I speak to Brenda the parts girl and she orders it for me tells me not to worry about the DHL cost. Thank you. Today 28th received a phone call from the Turkmenistan Embassy telling me that the visa was ready to collect. So off I ride to Abu Dhabi, into the embassy the guy then tells me that it is better not to issue the visa as it will have entry and exit dates on it that will not be changed so he gave me the letter from the Turkmenistan State Migration Service which I should give to Immigration at the border and they will issue the visa. He assures me that he has done this many times before with people from Uzbekistan, Russia etc. Well we see if that plan works.

This week has been a frustrating week My contract has now finished (20th Feb) with the UAE military and I am now waiting for them to pay me some money and cancel my visa.
Today 18th received an email from with the number that is needed for the Iran visa to be issued (at last).
Today 19th Off to Dubai to the Iranian embassy to collect the visa, before this is issued you have to have your finger prints taken at a Police station so I thought I would get the info straight form the embassy. The guy said no problem get them taken any were. I was very close to Jumeirah Police station; now remember we are in the Middle East so you know what’s coming. Into the police station ‘’I am here to have my finger prints taken for Iran visa’’ say I. ‘’No sir not here is the reply’’ you must go to Port Rashid Police station. Ok I think no problem I know where that is. So back on the bike over to Port Rashid into the station. ‘’I am here to have my finger prints taken for the Iran Visa’’.  Again the reply is no sir not here but very help full you must go to the headquarters CID. Ok, so back on the bike over to HQ again very helpful for the cost of 110 AED and I had the pleasure of doing all the typing myself. ‘’Come back tomorrow to collect’’.  Now when the your finger prints are taken they then cross check them with the Police data base to make sure you are not a criminal trying to abscond. In Sept when Kimberley and I returned form a UK visit at 2 in the morning we returned to a house that had been burgled. After keystone cops turned up and touched everything in the hose they said to me don’t touch anything the CID will come to take finger prints. When they took the prints they did not take mine to eliminate me form there inquirers.  So you can now imagine what is going to happen when I returned to collect my sample of finger prints!! 
Today 20th Back to Dubai to collect the sample of finger prints, into see the very helpful Police man but today did not seem that happy. Sit he says the Sergeant what’s to speak to you. Out came the sergeant come with me Mr Peter,  we go into his office and he tells me that my finger prints are on their system connected to a burglary. So after explaining that it was my house and that when keystone cops turned up they did not take my prints he was happy but I had to produce a copy of my housing contract which I had in my folder in the bike so I was escorted by a police man to collect it and the sergeant was happy. Thank god for that. So off to the Iranian embassy to pick up the visa with no problem and a big smile from the guy behind the counter and a big smile form me.
I thought it was about time that I heard from the Turkmenistan Embassy so I gave them a call only to be told that the visa had not been approved. So I asked him what can be done now that I have my Iran and Uzbekistan visa he tells me to come to the embassy wright a letter and attach copies of the Iran and Uzbekistan visas and then reapply. So again still waiting.
Also this week I have fitted new tyres ready for the trip and a couple of extra protection parts from Touratech. Pic to follow. 

Very little happening this week, Today 7th went to the open evening at 2xwheeler ( an enjoyable evening meeting Herbert the owner and founder of Touratech with his wife Ramona. Photos are on Facebook 2xwheeler adventures.  Also while I was there I meet Wissam Al-Jayyoussi who is doing a charity ride form Dubai to Singapore through 22 countries. ( to raise money for a Children’s oncology
department at Al Hussain Hospital at Beit Jala, Palestine.
Today 10th joined a 2 day ride of the 7 Emirates of the UAE with an overnight camp at Dibba beach. This ride was organised by Motorrad Abu Dhabi (MAD). It was a pleasure to ride with
you guys many thanks I had an enjoyable trip, it was good to just follow without having to think about where I was going or worrying about the route, fuel, food etc. As I will be doing in the weeks to come. 

Not much to report this week still no news on the Iran Visa. Had a trip to Dubai Today 29th to pick up some Touratech parts from 2 wheeler ( Parts fitted Today 31st at my friend Dave’s house. We thought we would have a beer after and a BBQ I have known Dave for 30 years as we joined the Army together lots of chat and I had a hangover this morning, enough said.

Left fuel bottle & holder Right oil bottle & holder
Engine guard extension
May be this would be a better use of the fuel bottle holder!!!!!