I woke this morning to a lovely cold crisp morning so I went and stood next to the crater to warm up. I got up just before sun up to get an early start to try and make up some time to get closer to Kazakhstan as the visa runs out on the 24th and it’s playing on my mind. The ride to the Border was cold and a very long straight road through the desert. Most of the time just me on it. I got to the border as early as possible but when I got there it was closed until 2 so I pulled of the road and had a brew, only 30 mins to wait. The exit from Turkmenistan went well apart from the Carnet they had no idea what to do with it and they don’t need it so a quick brief and its sorted with a customs guy that seems to love William Shakespeare, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. Anything to keep them happy. I was now clear of Turkmenistan now to enter Uzbekistan. In fact this was the easiest so far filled in a couple of forms they checked my route, sort of searched my bags and the guy spoke English so a great help. All done at the border I head into Nokis to get some cash as I wanted to push on. But the banks are closed until the morning. The guy at the hotel says may be a café will exchange so a quick scrub done as there is no shower in this so called hotel in fact it’s a really run done place. When I checked in the guy’s says $15 so I thing I’ll take it he then shows me to the room and I am not expecting too much but there is someone in it. He tells me yes you share for $15. Oh no not me mate so he tells me it will be $30 for my own room. Ok take me to it. The less said the better I would run out of swear words. But it is warm and dry and I am knackered. It’s been a day on concentrating on missing the pot holes, in some places you could not have made it worse if you bombed it. All said though I did enjoy the ride most the last 100kms stood up as it was easier to see and mostly miss the holes.

The track out from the crater
The road to the Uzbekistan border
Warming up in the early morning

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3/23/2012 10:43:57

Hi Pete call that a road!!

As you will have realised by now always expect he unexpected it doesn't matter which country your in UK, UAE, Uzbeciztan etc things remain, the same.

3/24/2012 10:53:34

Pete is in Kazakstan!

shane leahy
3/25/2012 09:27:38

Hi peter
told you they had good roads in Uzbek
and the great run around in turkmen


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