This morning we left Lviv at about 11 and headed out of the city, the day started off wet and Lviv has a lot of cobble stone roads with tram lines everywhere that made for an interesting ride. The weather brightened up an hour or so into the ride to the Slovakian border. The route was off the main roads and through small villages up into the hills it was at about 900m in height and sure enough there was one part of the route that was covered in snow always good
fun to ride. The road was littered with pot holes. On the way down again riding through small villages I noticed that Mitch was not behind me so I turned around to ride back to him at the side of the road he had stopped as he had lost the bolts holding the front left brake calliper so we were there thinking of the best way to fix it and along come’s a guy on a scooter I showed him a bolt from the other calliper and he takes it and off he ride’s. He returns with a friend
in a car with a handful of bolts and sure enough they fit so the brake calliper was refitted and we are off again. We have a short stop at a petrol station and head off to the border. The weather now is great like a summers evening in the UK. On reaching the border we go through the first check point get a piece of paper and on to the customs check get asked if we have any guns or drugs and things slow down a little as the guy does not speak English He does speak German and so does Mitch so we get the documents checked and get the passports stamped
and we are clear of the Ukraine and off to Slovakia. At the Slovakia side thing are very efficient again papers checked and stamped.  A few custom guys asking were we have been and looking at the stickers on the panniers. As it was getting late after crossing the border we have stopped
at the first truck stop.  

Mitch explaining the route
Mitch fixing his bike
Me fixing Mitch's bike
Dave Camp
4/3/2012 20:40:58

Pete, good to see you up to your old tricks! Working on your mates bust motors. Mitch that's just how I like to fix my motors as well. ( I just don' t like the lecture about maitance afterwards! ) Oh and let's hear it for those old bolt you never throw away. Dave

4/4/2012 10:59:39

 The ukraine was a great experience and learning curve. The roads are awful and the drivers crazy. If your side is in better condition they want to drive on it irrespective of which direction they are travelling in!
Prior to leaving uk to meet pete my longest journey was 15 miles on a motorway, to get to the ukraine i experience rain sleet, snow and wind. I had only riden in sunshine prior. The Ukraine brought a new dimension, pot holes, cobble stones and tram lines all of which are at differnt levels, making for very hazardous riding. 
As we left Lviv , im not sure if Pete wanted to make sure i was proficiant in u turns, because we did a lot and he shouted a lot. We got to see a lot of Lviv though, alot!
Once out of the. City the road opened up and we past a lot of hamlets and towns which looked quite bleak except for the churchs which seemed to take a liking to fake chrome and gold roofs. The chruch is still alive and strong in the Ukraine. Passing many work horses pulling carts i continually looked to see if Borat was driving. 
Once into the hills the fun started, the sun came up and we motored on, fast running rivers and epic scenery, wow, we didnt expect that here. Unfortunately pot holes were ever apparent and the speeds were greatly reduced. As we got higher the snow started to get more and more eventually some was still on the road, being a novice i was not aware of the hazard this presents, even the smallest bit can have you off, following Pete, me on road tyres was off within minutes! We got the bike back up and we worked a method whereby pete walked along side as we didnt want the bikes busted, his tyres and experience showed here.
Luckily the sun was beaming and had done a good job on the melting snow. I had noticed a noise which we investigated to be a loose windshield nut, or so we thought. We were travelling down a 1:10 hill and i looked down to see my entire break caliper hanging! Managing to stop we investigated, both bolts had come out! Cannons i will be in contact! 
Mind you if ya gonna break down what i place, fast running river with a mountainous backdrop. Then along came a guy on a tiny moped, he stopped we had taken a bolt from the other caliper, he muttered took the bolt and was off! A bit later he returned with his mate and a pile of bolts, not quite right they go again. Returning with suitabale replacements we sort the bike thank them and i line their palm with a 'drink'. We are off, time running away we are running for the border. The crossing was entertaining the customers guy didnt speak english, telling me in germany we would have to wait for a translator, ah my pigeon german kicks in and we are back in favour, a few clicks on the pc and we are off to Slovakia. Slovakia much more organised and prettier gaurds keep us just enough to discuss how 'women with guns' are the new sexy! Obviously we were discussing this in there absence, we didnt want to be strip searched did we..... Oh go on you got me!!!


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