This would be the last day of the trip. We left our motel at  about 6:45 and it was raining, we had only 190kms to ride so we would get to the Channel tunnel in time to get a good deal on the crossing well that’s what the internet said. We had just one fuel stop and a coffee we arrived at the tunnel terminal the lady at the Kosice was more than happy to check us in but
it would cost us 103 Euros, well we are here now and the ferry would cost about the same. We should have booked it last night on the net. We ride on to thefront of the train and park up and there is 2 cars and 1 more bike in the carriage with us so we are chatting about our adventures and bikes etc. I have never been on the tunnel crossing before so it was a first for me and in about 30-40 mins we are arriving in the uk. I like it don’t think I’ll bother with the
ferry again. The weather in the UK is about the same as France, very wet. On leaving the train I say good bye to Mitch as I have to go to customs to do some paper work. When I get to the customs area which is a couple of miles away there is no one there, so I have to ride the short hope to Dover The custom guy is very helpful and stamps in the carnet. He cannot do the paperwork for importing the bike as this is done through another department but he does give
me the address and tell number. I give it a call but its bank holiday so I’ll have to sort it out later. The ride home to Colchester on the M25 was very wet and around Dover ferry terminal there was diesel everywhere on the roads I had forgot about the good old British roads. It will be strange not having to get up in the morning to ride my bike. The mileage for the trip was just over what I had planned the total distance was 6033 miles to British soil. It has been an
amazing journey the people that I have met have made the trip .Many people have said what is the most memorable place and for me all the countries that I have travelled through have been amazing it has really been about the PEOPLE that I have met, people that will help you no matter how little they have.  Anybody that has helped me along the way I would like to thank you, for all the people that have followed this blog and left some very kind comments,
thank you.  The web site will stay live and in time I will upload all the photos I have taken on the trip so please feel free to check back in a week or so. Now my time will be spent getting the
Motorcycle training school up and running. If you want to learn to ride a motorcycle then please get in touch and you too could be off on an adventure. 

On the Train ''I like it''
Dave Camp
4/12/2012 04:38:46

Well Done Mate!! I have really enjoyed reading your blog, I feel a bit sad you have finished. When and where are you going next? All the best 'UTRINQUE PARATUS'

4/12/2012 09:02:41

hey peter! I cannot believe your adventure is over :( but I am so pleased that you made it back to the UK safe and sound. I really enjoyed reading your blog and shall really miss catching up with your trip. From what I read it must have been an amazing journey, one that you will remember for so long! Please send me your email address and do keep in touch. When you have the school up and running, send us those details over as well and hopefully we can send some students your way! We miss you and the gang here says hi!! x

Andy CK
4/12/2012 14:50:42

Well done tiger, great reading.
Good luck with your venture.

4/12/2012 18:58:10

Hi Pete - good to see you arrived back safely after such an amazing trip, I want to hear about it in person so will drop by Colchester in the very near future - I'm sure your experiences will stand you in good stead for teaching the life saving skills needed to ride well.

Steve Holden
4/13/2012 08:38:00

Good effort mate. It has been very interesting reading about your exploits.
My favourite bits were your numerous encounters with local officials/police, and how you always seemed to manage a couple of cold beers!
The pics were also very interesting, that Gas Crater is amazing!
Great adventure.

4/14/2012 11:35:38

Pete, congratulations mate. Your route and extraction method should now be compulsory for all outprocessing mco's. A great read over the last few weeks. When's the next trip planned....Greatest of luck with the business.

7/26/2015 12:58:03

What an epic trip! I read your story, the route is unbelievable!


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