Well for the people that are following this blog will know that Today 4th was meant to be
D-Day, but I am still waiting to be Paid and it’s too much to leave behind.  So there will be a delay, fingers crossed to get it all sorted this week.
Today 6th A good day I finally got paid, took it straight to the bank.
Today  7th Got up early rode to Sharjah  to the ferry office VALFAJRE-8 SHIPPING COMPANY run by Al Hili Marine Services L.L.C. Sharjah traffic is a real entertainment, the first location that I went to was not were there the office was. So a quick phone call to Mr Nazar to get the direction. Speaking to some on the phone in the Middle East is never easy to understand what they are saying. The first thing he says to me is did you not know that we have moved. Silly me. He is now speaking broken English or I think that’s what it is. He is now trying to explain to me where the office is, so I say to him what number street is it, he says he doesn’t know so we are now both laughing and I ask him how long he has worked for the company he tells me very proudly 15 years, and you still don’t know where your office is he tells me he does because he gets there every day. You really have to love this place. Eventually I get to the office and we both have a good laugh. Very helpful guys I get all the paper work done pay some cash and all is good. So that’s it all done now ready to go on Sun 11th March.
Today 10th Checked out of the hotel packed the bike and headed off to my friend Dave’s house. As I was packing the bike outside the hotel I just thought I am taking too much stuff so when I arrived at Dave’s I and a repack and ditched some stuff that I can do without. I have many times packed and repacked the bike but just felt I was still taking too much. While repacking I received a call from the ferry company saying that the ferry is delayed until Tuesday possible due to the high winds at the moment in the UAE.

Dave's Houes Al ain UAE or as I call it the White House.
3/5/2012 00:03:25

Sorry Peter
I couldnt help it,,had to laugh,re the BMW f..kup,,I think Brenda is great,holds that spares dept together.
Loved the finger print story,knew what was coming straight away ,you write it up so well.
If its not an adventure living here its an adventure trying to leave
So next Suday on the boat to Iran Inshallia

Mitch Tett
3/7/2012 12:58:05

Ready Steady GOOOOOO!!!

3/8/2012 07:48:33

what are the gps co-ordinates or the map address for their office now peter???

Bob C
3/14/2012 08:55:18

Hi Pete, apologise for not getting to your final farewell do, I was hosting another fallen comrade, Dave Barton who sends his regards. Cannot shut Tom up, reference his premonition of you dressed in an Iranian issue, orange boiler suit! I am sure you will take whatever unfolds in your stride. Just think……..many are envious of what you are doing, in command of your own destiny with a clear focus and the drive to achieve it, more than can be said for many of those you leave behind. Glad the beard, goatee or stubble dilemma was resolved. Our thoughts are with you across the miles!
Bob & Norma


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