I woke this morning to a very over cast morning and it was snowing. Went downstairs for breakfast, It’s a struggle to keep trying to ask for breakfast with an unhelpful waitress she speaks no English I speak no Ukarianian. I did get the feeling that I was just an inconvenience to her; anyway I got a pot of tea and some bread cheese and honey (all needed was aowl,pussy
cat and a pee green boat). As I finished Breakfast it was snowing quite heavy I had no communication as the sat phone could not get any satellites and no network with the mobile. I turned on the GPS and that had poor coverage. I really did think I might be snowed in again. I got talking to one of the staff and in very broken English she is pointing up the road saying 1-2 KMS ok, so seeking local knowledge I got ready to leave and the snow was sort of stopping
and it was a bit clearer. Sure enough 2 Kms further on and it was clear and the GPs kicked back in. No snow but rain oh well makes a change. The temperature was rising it was already 3 and I had taken of my fleece so down to 4 layers. The riding in the Ukraine was good there driving so ok and riding through the small town there is a police check point on the way in and on the way out. They really do not like speeding and I was not. I was stopped a couple of time’s at the check points but all ok (language barrier is good sometimes). At one check point
a policeman was trying get me to do a wheelie, lots of laughing from me and the rest of the police there. At about 12.30 I was wet enough and it was time for lunch there are lots of places to stop road side café everywhere. Pork in bread crumbs with chips plus 2 cups of strong black coffee to warm me up. I stopped for about an hour so back on the bike and I decided to ride until about 5 ish. The riding was still good the road are not, pot holes everywhere and while
adjusting the GPS I hit one a bit too hard and feel the front of the bike get a bit heavy as I start to slow down the front tyre is flat. Second time on this trip there is no puncture but if you hit the holes to hard it unseats the tyre bead and you lose the air. No worry’s out with the tyre pump that decides not to work. Ok back up plan I have gas canisters with me so I put 2 in knowing that will inflate it to about 22psi enough to get to the next garage. A few Kms further on and there is a tyre shop I get the guy to put some air in and all is good. By the way air is not free in Ukraine.  It actually stops raining at about 4 30 ish. Just enough time to almost dry out before I look for a place to stop and sure enough a truck stop appears. I pull in and ask if they have internet and they do, the rooms are all up some stairs at the back of the café and they are
really nice very clean and warm and there is a bar in the café. Cool a good day in the Ukraine I like this place.

A bit of road side maintenance
You gotta love this old military stuff
3/30/2012 10:21:28

Hey ho what have i signed up for here? About 15km from polish border, it would appear
may sat nav aint got poland on it, i thought poland was europe! Bloody long way just to deliver some tea bags!!! Should meet as planned in Lviv monday if ur service is done ok.

3/30/2012 10:54:53

and that is a T34! Obsolete well before I joined the anti-tanks however I've seen Stalingrad!!


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